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Compatibility with Windows Vista
7 July 2009

In this new release of Farseek Map Studio today, all Vista compatibility problem has been resolved. Visit our download page to get your hand on this last version.

XML Reference Document
3 June 2009

Since we are soon launching our new Dynamics module, the XML reference documentation for the creation of thematics and symbols is available now in PDF: Dynamics Reference Document.

Compatibility problem with IE6
29 January 2009

We are aware of compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 6 regarding our new web site design. We are sorry for any inconvenient that this may cause to our users, and we will fix this problem soon.
Problem solved. 16 Février 2009.

New Web Site launch
27 January 2009

Cogeni is happy to announce the launch of its new website. The new layout is designed to facilitate the navigation of our visitors in our contents that should be more dynamic than before. We hope that you are pleased with the new design. Please send us any feedback you may have.


Farseek Map Studio
New generation of cartographic tools designed to capture data directly on an electronic chart.
ICEggs Module
ICEggs is specially designed to be used by ice specialists in capturing information relating to ice surfaces directly on an electronic chart.
SpillView Module
The SpillView module is a perfect example of Farseek technology specialization in response to specific needs.
Custom Module
Learn how you can have your own custom module for your organization needs.
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